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Surface Care

This is as clean as bikers get.

We understand how important a clean ride is to you; that’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours formulating products designed specifically for H-D surfaces. Unlike common brands, these products are designed to protect your investment and will work together without adverse reactions.

  • Before applying any protective or cosmetic product, you should always start off by washing your motorcycle with Sunwash® Bike Soap (93600077).
  • To soften melted-on boot marks and tar from exhaust pipes, apply Boot Mark Remover (93600069) and let it set for a few minutes. Then scrape away the gunk with a soft cloth.
  • The acid in bug splatter is damaging to surface finishes, so apply Bug Remover (93600075), wait a minute to soften the residue, and rinse away the debris.
  • Is your leather looking dull? Black Leather Rejuvenator’s (93600081) pigmented formula restores the lustre, and Leather Protectant weatherproofs the surfaces.
  • Dirty whitewalls? Apply Harley Wheel & Tyre Cleaner (93600076) with the Soft Detailing Pad (94790-01) to make them gleam.
  • Don’t have time for a complete detailing session? Use Harley Gloss (93600073) or Harley Spray Cleaner & Polish (93600084) for quick jobs between applications of Glaze Poly Sealant (93600079). This cream combats fading and oxidation, and its ultra-fine levelling agent removes minor blemishes.
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