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Don't be fooled by brands formulated to meet the minimum requirements for different makes and models. Only Harley-Davidson® Oils are developed for the distinctive demands of a Harley®.
Conditions can take their toll on a motorcycle engine, which is why we've engineered our own oil. It's the most important product you'll ever put in your bike. We've developed ours to satisfy the needs of our powertrain. It maintains oil stability at high temperatures common to air-cooled engines, and holding viscosity under heavy loads caused by two-up riding. Then we test our oil in harsh, real-world riding conditions to prove it's a match for your bike. It's the same with our filters. From the materials used to the way they're constructed, only our filters work this hard with our oil to keep your bike running smoothly. Keep your Harley-Davidson® like new. Go Genuine.
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