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Only genuine Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories are designed, tested and manufactured to the same specification as those that came with your bike.

Not only are parts made of the same materials and finishes as those originally installed on your bike, but they're evaluated individually against their design specifications and on the test track as part of the complete motorcycle. With Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories, you're maintaining the optimum performance and long-term value of your bike. Other products simply can't match our quality or testing. Keep your Harley-Davidson® like new. Go Genuine.

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Take charge of the horizon.

Using a Genuine Harley-Davidson smart charger means that your battery keeps its optimal charge when in storage. The 5 Amp Weather-Resistant Battery Charger gives you professional charging performance in a compact package. With a typical recharge time of one to two hours, this charger features advanced solid-state circuitry that constantly monitors the battery’s charge and maintains the voltage without overcharging.

The charger automatically switches to float mode and adjusts the charge rate up or down to keep the battery properly maintained for extended periods of time. The weather resistant construction provides peace of mind in case of exposure to moisture during charging. (P/N 66000042 – Europe, 66000043 – UK) Alternatively, many authorised H-D® dealers offer long-term storage – contact your local dealer to find out more.

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Your safety depends on your brakes, so your pads are crucial. Only ours are designed to maintain your bike's Original Equipment specs to give you optim performance in all road conditions.

Other brands may use different friction materials, which could compromise the characteristics of your Harley-Davidson® anti-lock brake syste Ours are developed to work with your complete brake system to give you optimum stopping power, control, durability and quiet operation. They're the only pads tested, approved and certified for your brake system. We test on dry and wet road surfaces and all its transitions, plus hazards like oil slicks so that you can take reassurance with you wherever you go. Keep your Harley-Davidson® like new. Go Genuine.

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Don't be fooled by brands formulated to meet the minimum requirements for different makes and models. Only Harley-Davidson® Oils are developed for the distinctive demands of a Harley®.

Conditions can take their toll on a motorcycle engine, which is why we've engineered our own oil. It's the most important product you'll ever put in your bike. We've developed ours to satisfy the needs of our powertrain. It maintains oil stability at high temperatures common to air-cooled engines, and holding viscosity under heavy loads caused by two-up riding. Then we test our oil in harsh, real-world riding conditions to prove it's a match for your bike. It's the same with our filters. From the materials used to the way they're constructed, only our filters work this hard with our oil to keep your bike running smoothly. Keep your Harley-Davidson® like new. Go Genuine.

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This is as clean as bikers get.

We understand how important a clean ride is to you; that’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours formulating products designed specifically for H-D surfaces. Unlike common brands, these products are designed to protect your investment and will work together without adverse reactions.

  • Before applying any protective or cosmetic product, you should always start off by washing your motorcycle with Sunwash® Bike Soap (93600077).
  • To soften melted-on boot marks and tar from exhaust pipes, apply Boot Mark Remover (93600069) and let it set for a few minutes. Then scrape away the gunk with a soft cloth.
  • The acid in bug splatter is damaging to surface finishes, so apply Bug Remover (93600075), wait a minute to soften the residue, and rinse away the debris.
  • Is your leather looking dull? Black Leather Rejuvenator’s (93600081) pigmented formula restores the lustre, and Leather Protectant weatherproofs the surfaces.
  • Dirty whitewalls? Apply Harley Wheel & Tyre Cleaner (93600076) with the Soft Detailing Pad (94790-01) to make them gleam.
  • Don’t have time for a complete detailing session? Use Harley Gloss (93600073) or Harley Spray Cleaner & Polish (93600084) for quick jobs between applications of Glaze Poly Sealant (93600079). This cream combats fading and oxidation, and its ultra-fine levelling agent removes minor blemishes.
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The road less travelled rides better on good rubber.

Harley® has partnered with two of the premier tyre brands in the world to create approved Harley-Davidson co-branded tyres. They are exclusively designed, tested and approved to deliver optimum performance on each Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The tyres are engineered to deliver optimal riding quality, handling characteristics and overall performance. Dunlop® Harley-Davidson® Tyre Series and Co-Branded Michelin Scorcher® Tyres deliver an exceptional combination of durability, comfort and handling designed specifically for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They can be visually identified by the bold ‘Harley-Davidson’ script on the sidewall. Dunlop Harley-Davidson Tyre Series are factory installed on current Touring, Trike, Softail®, Dyna® Fat Bob®, Dyna Switchback and Sportster® Seventy-Two® models.

They can also be installed as a replacement tyre on other specified models. The new D407T Touring tire is the highest-mileage touring tyre ever offered by Harley-Davidson – it comes as stock on MY14 Touring models, and also fits ’09-’13 Touring models. Co-branded Michelin Scorcher Tyres are factory installed on current V-Rod® and most Sportster® and Dyna models. They can also be installed as a replacement through authorised Harley-Davidson dealers, and are available exclusively through H-D® dealerships

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